Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Tonight I met up with the Wednesday night tennis gang at J&B's Blue Ribbon. It was Party Rock Bingo night, and the suspense did not disappoint.

There was a little of everything, including some one-hit wonders and bands whose names I never knew. Plus there were some real throwback tunes; I can't ever hear "Pour Some Sugar on Me" without thinking of Katy, for reasons I can't quite remember. And "Runaround" takes me back to my days at the Keg in Evanston. Ah, 1994.

About five minutes after Carol left, I filled in a row on one of her cards. Bingo! By the time I called her, though, she was already leveraging her luck in bigger venues (up $31 at Potawatomi).

We'll go back some Wednesday to spend my gift certificate on more chicken fingers and cans of beer. See you there!

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