Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On memories (mixed doubles)

Team Fontimoto played our last match of the season on Friday night. The results: a 6-3, 7-5 loss in Kenosha. Despite the score, the match was mostly fun. We held serve when we were down 5-4, so I'm proud of small achievements like that.

Going into the season, my goal was to have a .500 record or better. Jim thought this was aiming low, but I don't, given that 1) we didn't meet until an hour before our first match and 2) I don't consider myself an especially skilled mixed doubles player.

You win some, you lose some.

I do wish we hadn't ended our season with two losses. That was tough. Especially because I felt we were starting to play better.

True to the primacy and recency effect, I remember the first and the last matches. Especially the first. In the last few weeks, there were also some memorable moments in the middle: wailing at the missed overhead, cookie halves, jokes about back pain.

During our last pre-match conversation, we talked about Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. I'm Bobby: modestly skilled and a decent producer. So Jim is Whitney, all emotion and raw talent. "She's dead!" he said. (Don't worry, I don't see you going out like that. It's not a perfect analogy.)

And like Bobby and Whitney, the season was bittersweet — as most are. But I was glad to be your partner. Congratulations on your debut, Whitney! We're expecting great things from you.

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