Saturday, January 9, 2010

Want some of this?

Dinner at Katy’s house yesterday was tasty — and it was fun to eat with her husband and their two kids. Miranda, who’s 5, modeled her new tutu. And Christian, 2 and a half, didn’t want to eat fish or cheesy cauliflower but agreed to three crackers.

At one point, Christian and I were by ourselves in the dining room. Holding a half-eaten saltine, he turned to me. “Cracker,” he said. “Want some of this?” He is learning how to work the system.

After dinner, Katy and I exchanged holiday gifts. She and the kids decorated a plastic box filled with snacks: peanut butter cups, fruit rollups, nuts, sesame sticks, trail mix, dried mango, a Rice Krispie treat, and other yummy treats. It’s marked “Naomi’s Secret Stash.” (Some of those things are missing in the photo... it didn't occur to me to shoot one until after I ate a bunch of stuff.)

It’s a great gift, and I’ll be bringing it to work. If you stop by my office around 3:00, I’ll even share some of it with you.

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