Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh no, Papa, not the stash!

A few hours after I wrote about how much I loved my Secret Stash box, Papa broke it.

Instead of opening the latches, she chewed the box to get at the treats. Fortunately, she ate only a few cashews from a pack I had already opened. She couldn’t reach the chocolate.

She also tore the paper from the cover.

Oh no, Papa.


C-CARES said...

O.K. This dog is definitely light years ahead of our herd of cats in dreaming up ways to entertain their person. My friend's cat and dog do have a very clever act.....the cat jumps up on the kitchen counter and knocks bakery items such as donuts to "her" dog waiting below. NOT get a cat!

Naomi said...

A cat-and-dog team? Oh, that is scary. I've thought about getting a canine pal for Papa, but I don't know if that would only add to her anxiety. If only we could live without pets!