Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lots of laughs in Los Angeles

After reading an article in Los Angeles magazine, Yukie and I decided to visit The Comedy Union. On Monday nights, the club hosts a clean (no cursing) show. We were the first people to arrive and wisely decided not to sit right in front of the stage. The whole science of seating, by the way, is interesting in itself. Most of us wanted the safety of at least one row between us and the stage, despite pleas from the guy who seated us. A group of five women celebrating their friend's birthday bravely took the front row.

Barry B., the host, was really welcoming. And Todd, Justin, Vanessa, Sydney, and Ron G. kept us laughing. Our fear of being close to the stage was unwarranted. The worst we got was a good-natured ribbing: they made fun of "the Asian ladies" as well as the lovey-dovey couple and the not-so-lovey-dovey couple. Though Barry couldn't spin too much out of Japanese funeral arrangements, Shirley the birthday girl turned around to share in the laughs. Turns out that there is plenty funny about life even without the swearing: relationships, breakups, dirty carpets, resumes, Red Rover and hide and seek. To try to convey the specifics wouldn't do justice to how hilarious everyone was.

Ron G. continued to mock us outside the club. Perhaps he felt an affinity with Yukie; they both drive little Hondas. Anyway, you should check out the Comedy Union if you're in L.A. It's a great way to spend five bucks and two drinks.

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