Sunday, February 3, 2008

Drinks with GLAAM

My first vacation event: going to a Gen. X happy hour at Crown City Brewery in Pasadena, hosted by the L.A. Mensa chapter. The mostly thirtysomething group was welcoming — we laughed a lot with Bryan, who appreciates his rough-and-tumble job in corporate finance (his words, not mine), and Sam, an ER doc with a penchant for puns. One of the guys brought his home-brewed cider (made with apple cider, raisins, and brown sugar). Even though it was a little intimidating to go to drinks with people we didn't know, we had a good time and now Yukie's thinking about going to the regional gathering (the "RG," in Mensa-speak). I'm hoping to get some Milwaukee friends to join. Yup, I really want to do a game night. And create a signature drink. I think 2008 will be a year of trying new things, so this is a fine start.


Bryan K. Willis said...

Whoo! That was a fun night. It's "Bryan," by the way, but that's cool. Even my parents called me "Hey, you," so I'm used to it.

Anyway, the guy who brews his own beer is Devin, and he has his own blog. We're seeing about starting up a brew now in time for the summer. I thought of a cherry wheat idea, and I think he wants to call it "Nerd Brew."

P.S.: Her sister did go to the RG, or at least the pub crawl, and had a blast and a half.

All of you should join Mensa! We ain't picky! After all, they let me in!

Naomi said...

Nerd Brew sounds cool. My apologies to Devin for not catching his name that night. (BTW, Bryan, I updated my post with the correct spelling of your name.)