Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hello, Freckles!

Freckles, my very first foster dog, came home with me Monday. He's a four-year-old mini Aussie and is settling in well.

Having lived on a farm, he's making the transition to city life: fences, sidewalks, the bass sounds of rap. But whether he's on a leash or on the couch, he's quickly gaining confidence and loves people.

He will gently paw for attention, then bam bam bam, he marches like a cat. Oh no, Freckles, please don't smack me in the face!

Of course he reminds me of my other dogs. Like Chewy, he eats calmly, almost leisurely, and takes treats like they're no big deal. But he has Papaya's clinginess; he always wants to know where I am and will wait near the landing while I do laundry.

He's sweet and has adorable spots (uh, freckles) on his nose and paws. I hope you'll come by and meet him!

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