Monday, June 8, 2015

Farewell, Chewy

Yesterday I gave Chewy back to the rescue. When I checked in, the counselor summed up my challenges with her as "too much dog."

If you've met Choo, you know that she does indeed have a big personality.

She could open the gate and run full speed through the neighborhood. She'd only poop off-leash (including inside my parents' house). She tried to climb on top of whoever was petting her, even when corrected. "Relentless" is how Jane described her. Choo and I wrestled, sometimes literally, for dominance. For only 40 pounds, she is insanely strong. Too much dog.

So after obedience classes and many visits to the vet, I decided to give her up. She needs an alpha owner who can spend more time with her.

Goodbye, Choo. I miss you already. I miss your soft head and your love of Mr. Bill and the way you'd fall asleep when I pet your belly.

But because you're young, adorable, and sweet, you will make somebody a great companion. A perfect companion. For somebody, that lucky one, you will be exactly the right amount of dog. 

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