Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jim's 50th birthday

Jim crossed the half-century mark on Saturday, and Lisa planned a surprise party to celebrate. At one point, we weren't sure where he was (Doug lost him), but then he came in from the garage and was indeed surprised.

Sandy, the gnome's previous owner, couldn't be there, so Colleen presented him to Jim. We talked about where he's been and where he'll go (the gnome, I mean).

Great conversations were had. Heavy topics covered:
• Why Colleen never answers her phone.
• Where to store extra hangers. (What if your closets are really small?)
• How smokin' hot Scott and Wendy know Jim.
• The omnipresence of sugar.
• How Dave pulled a hamstring at Jaws.

The pasta and wine were free-flowing, and we ate both of Cindy's cheese-and-grape pizzas. So good!

Thanks to Jane and Sophia for helping decorate the cupcakes. When I worried that I didn't make them a consistent size, Sophia put it in perspective: "He can deal with it."

That also sums up Jim: He can pretty much deal with anything (unless it's a missed overhead, then he gets super emotional).

Happy birthday, our well-preserved Jim Jim! Enjoy the gnome.


Jim Fontanini said...

Thank you Naomi!
I'm glad you found an opportunity to mention that I can't hit an overhead.

Naomi said...

So not true! The missed ones are just extra special. :)