Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lucky Monday ornaments

I love handmade ornaments, and Super Sock makes adorable gingerbread men. They have great expressions (like "What the?") and some of them look like they're dancing. I was planning on giving them as gifts, but when they arrived, I couldn't resist keeping a couple for myself. They will also make good pals for Angry Gingerbread Girl — unfortunately her string fell off after she kept turning her back, so she hangs out on a plate now.

I placed another order on Saturday.

Yesterday night, I came home to a box stamped with little gingerbread men. (The fastest shipping ever!) Plus, there was a hand-written card:

We hope our gingerbreads and ornaments will bring you much joy... we made you something VERY SPECIAL (unlisted)... just for you for your loyalty and kindness. PEACE.

And yes, the something specials are also supercute. Bonus! Thank you, Super Sock. And thanks for the little pack of cookies, too! The nice surprise was a pre-Christmas miracle.

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super sock said...

Happy Holidays, dear Naomi :)