Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kitchen table blues

Now that I've finally gotten a new kitchen floor, I noticed how shabby the table was looking. Instead of my usual reaction (fatigue), I got a burst of energy and decided to make it a weekend project.

Lucky for me, Denise and Jeremy were already planning to come over. Jeremy, who has a whole arsenal of tools, had offered to shave down seven doors to fit over my new floor. And Denise was up for helping me; she finds painting therapeutic.

Before they came over, I had sanded the table and primed it. Good planning, right?

While Jeremy worked in the front yard, Denise and I painted in the back. Papa hovered and got Pantone's Peacock Blue on her tail.

In my haste, I unevenly applied some of the paint. When I picked at the lumps, I realized that I hadn't sanded enough.

Uh oh. You can peel the paint right down to the wood.

I understand the whole embracing imperfection thing — or rather, I understand how other people might enjoy that sort of experience. But when you sand and prime and have a meticulous painter-friend help you out, can't you expect results that are a little closer to perfect?

I'm going to see how long I can tolerate the imperfection before I strip the paint and start over. I have a hard time with chips and splotches.

But for now, I'll focus on the bright spot: having friends with carpentry skills and painting skills and big hearts. Neesy, I always enjoy our craft projects. And Jeremy, thank you for the 5/16 of an inch. It's perfect!


michelle said...

On a positive note: (a) the floors look great! (2) the doors are done (awesome job Jeremy!), and (iii) the colors you picked for the table look great. You and Denise did a lovely job. I blame the paint. ;)

Naomi said...

Thanks, Michelle! You will have to see the new floor... I think you were the last guest to see the yucky old one. Now I have a new to-do list, too. Oh well. It's all a work in progress!