Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh no, Poopaya!

Last Sunday I dropped off Papaya at Colleen and Kevin's house.

Colleen had graciously agreed to dogsit for a week. She wasn't home when Papaya and I arrived, but Kevin welcomed us in. Pops wandered for a couple of minutes, tried to eat the cat food, and came back over to the table next to their kitchen.

I said, "Be a good girl."

Pops squatted and dropped a poop. This is not a trick we worked on. (Had things gone as planned, I would've followed up with "Shake." Which maybe isn't that impressive, but at least it's not a poop on your kitchen floor.)

Kevin took her outside, I cleaned up the mini-mess, and all was fine. (Carol's commentary when I told her the story: "He scared the crap out of her!")

The week went by without incident, Colleen said, except when she went to play tennis and Pops ate the sugar cookies that were in the bottom of a bag on the floor.


Other than those couple of things, Pops was a decent guest. Colleen walked her and introduced her to some other dogs (Colleen is a social director for dogs, too!).

Kevin also took good care of her, playing lots of frisbee and making sure she didn't overeat the treats. All in all, a good week. He offered to take care of her anytime. And gave her a new nickname: Poopaya.


Jean said...

You made me laugh! Have you ever heard of a cookie called a Sarah Bernhardt? They are very grand and Jim bought me half a box this week for the first time in two years. I left them at the bottom of the stairs as we proceeded to bring in the rest of the groceries, Ghalleon, our standard poodle , was not tricked by the fact that they were wrapped in a box, as well as a plastic bag, and were stuffed behind my boots. The next time I walked in, his whole face was inside th open box. Oh no, Ghalli! Hahahah!!!

xox jean :)

Naomi said...

I've never heard of the cookie (Ghalleon has more refined tastes than I do). Dogs are the best, even when they're sneaky and outsmart you!