Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Who sells seashells?

Every year, Milwaukee-area artists donate a themed work for Kathy's Garden Party. Kathy passed away from cancer in 1998, but her family and friends honor her with an annual runway show featuring the artists’ work. At the end of the night, each piece is auctioned, and proceeds support The Grace Foundation’s efforts to help women and children with cancer.

This year’s show, to be held August 2, will have a beach theme: Way Beyond the Sea. I’ll be making a sea-themed charm bracelet. I haven’t started my beachcombing efforts yet (or even tried Google, for that matter), but I’d love to hear if you’ve got any good sources for seashells, beach-themed charms, or anything nautical that I can attach to a chunky chain. If you do, please post a comment or email me at cooljewelsnaomiATgmailDOTcom. If you live in a place plagued by rain- or snowstorms, don’t worry if inspiration isn’t striking. The finished piece isn’t due until June 2, so we’ve got some time to come up with sunny, beachy ideas.

By the way, you can click through the images to see art from the 2006 event, including my “Home Is Where the Heart Is” charm bracelet. I used vintage Lucite, pearls, and hearts (one of my favorite motifs) in different colors and finishes.


michelle said...

If my parents and I drive over the the beach next week, I'll do some shell gathering for you. I immediately thought of Tarpon Springs, FL, when you mentioned "shells." I was able to find a shell store online, which seems to have a very interesting selection (and many things are CHEAP!). Check it out: http://www.theshellstore.com/craft.htm.

Happy Wednesday!

Jean said...

Oh Naomi--that is a lovely bracelet!! Jean

Addie said...

Hey Naomi, I found these folks for a Bead&Button project. They’re super-friendly, and their stuff is so cheap. I got the "seashell bead mix" and "fancy seashells," and was thrilled with how tiny the wee-little shell beads were. :)
Check 'em out: