Friday, August 14, 2009

The state (fair) I'm in

When Katy and I hopped into the minivan and cruised to State Fair, I wasn’t sure what kind of night it would be. She had broken her toe, and while we were walking to the Main Stage seating, I broke my shoe. As in, a chunk of the cork wedge just crumbled off. So we ambled to our seats with managed enthusiasm.

A few years ago, I saw Rick Springfield at the Waukesha County Fair and at an Admirals game. Both times, he seemed a trifle lethargic. I didn’t get to see him in his heyday — when I was in sixth grade. So you could say I still wanted to have that experience.

Thanks to my friend Dave (who scored us fifth-row seats), I was way close to Rick and his sculpted 59-year-old body (he’s going to be 60 next week). He rocked the classics: Affair of the Heart, I've Done Everything for You, Human Touch, I Get Excited, Love Somebody, and a shirtless Don’t Talk to Strangers. He closed with Jessie’s Girl, of course!

He didn't sing my favorite, State of the Heart. Maybe it’s too mellow for fairgoers. And he was all energy: Dr. Noah Drake doesn't have amnesia!

The best surprise of the night: Tyler Hilton, whom I Googled at work a couple of hours before the show (and who is not related to Paris). Back when I watched TV, I think I remember his character, Chris, encouraging Haley to leave Nathan in the dust to pursue her dream of singing.

Back to real life: Before he performed Missing You, he dedicated it to the people in the crowd who broke up with someone and hoped they wouldn’t run into them at the Fair. I love this acoustic version — especially his 80s love for Everytime You Go Away.

Afterward, Katy and I waited in line to get our CDs signed. He asked us our names, said "I'm Tyler," and gave us autographs.

Then Katy said, “Naomi desperately wants —”
“Not desperately. Respectfully. Wants a photo.”
And he said, “Katy, stop embarrassing her,” and put his arm around me.


I love the Fair — childhood friends, baked potatoes, apple cider donuts, lemonade, an aging pop star who’s still got it, and a fresh-faced singer/songwriter, all in one place on a summer night.


Mary said...

OMG Ashley, we were at the Fair that night as well. As we passed the main stage and I saw that RS was rockin' the house that night, I was immediately tranported to the summer of '82 when I did, in fact see his first State Fair performance with a gaggle of my other 16 year old friends. Awesome memories. He looks amazing, not only for a 59 year old, but for any age. I know a lot of younger guys who don't look that amazing. Totally cut! Nice arms RS. Anyhoo. Adorable photo with Tyler Hilton. He played Elvis in Walk the Line as well if you want to check out another performance. Looks like fun. Great blog post. xxoo MK

Naomi said...

Mary Kate, this probably seems belated (seeing as I just talked to you), but thanks for sharing your RS memories. Let's make a plan to go see TH when he's 59!