Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little upsets

1. Cal lost to Maryland (84–71) in the first round of the tournament.

2. One of my essays was rejected by a women’s magazine.

3. Putting together a nightstand took hours because there were so many predrilled holes in the drawer rails.

This is all about perspective. The Cal thing, I have no control over. The essay, I can revise and send out again. But the nightstand, that is something that seemed pointlessly difficult. Why should assembling a small piece of furniture require so much effort? Why didn't the diagram clarify things? And why couldn't they just provide a 4 mm hex wrench?

After two nights of effort, I finally finished assembling my three-drawer wonder. And UCLA won, so I can continue my emotional investment in college basketball and end my day on a high note. Good night!

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