Sunday, October 5, 2008

And then there was light

If you live in Milwaukee and have never been to BBC Lighting, their showroom is worth a visit. Not just for the Swarovski chandeliers and Waterford lamps but for the free popcorn. How often do you go to a store that encourages you to eat while you shop? You can also browse their selection of framed celebrity photos. It’s a surreal experience.

Today I bought a semi-flush mount fixture. Not too boring, not too modern — a good fit for my tiny kitchen. Then Denise and I hung out with Papa while Jeremy installed the new fixture. (So handy — thanks, Jeremy!)

Now the kitchen beams out 300 watts of light. It's a vast improvement over the 60 watts I'd gotten by with over the summer.


Sarah Yost said...

300 watts!!!!! I'd be blind.

Naomi said...

It is blinding (esp. compared to 60 watts). I don't mind semidarkness, but I figured the kitchen was one room that could benefit from adequate lighting. :)

michelle said...

I love the fixture! You and Denise did a great job picking it out--sorry I missed the fun. :( Jeremy is so handy--I need to find a handy man. ;)