Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I need a new zip code

Did you catch the 90210 premiere tonight?

I love that the spoiled-brat character is named Naomi. My favorite moment: when Naomi reads Annie's pilfered paper in front of the class, wearing short shorts. (I almost thought the hot English teacher would believe she wrote it.) Sheesh.

A few things left me feeling unsettled. Here are my questions, in no particular order:

1. When Adrianna's at the club, why is she drinking red wine? Shouldn't that be an overpriced martini?

2. How does Silver get a half million viewers to her blog? She must not be as alternative as she fancies. (She does wear some cute outfits.)

3. Should Annie's mom really be using words like "Crazytown"?

4. Where's the hopelessly geeky character? Where's Andrea?

5. I'm glad Nat rehabbed the Peach Pit, but if he owns the place, wouldn't he know how to use the espresso machine?


I may have to just ask Hal for recaps. By the way, he also provides humorous summaries of One Tree Hill and ANTM, if you need them. In fact, we just discussed today how many of the Tree Hill kids' problems stem from weak and/or inattentive parenting. But I'm not here to moralize. I just want an entertaining TV show.

Maybe 90210 will get better. I just hope Rob Estes has enough time to be a full-time dad, a school principal, and a detective on Women's Murder Club.

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