Sunday, May 11, 2008

Careful what you wish for

I just caught a glimpse of the vision board I made last June. I don't look at it every day — though I should probably get back to that practice, to remind myself of my goals. See how the words "Lucky break" mock me with their red font? It's weird that I used that exact phrase for my recent blog post. When I stuck those words on the board, I was thinking about new publishing opportunities and runaway sales for Cool Jewels. I was not thinking, "Maybe I will chip a tooth and then be grateful that it wasn't worse." I didn't mean a literal lucky break. I just noticed that "break" is also in larger type than "lucky." Oops.

Addie says that I should be specific in what I request of the universe. Clearly she is right. The universe may have a tendency to get confused. Also, because I make a living with my writing, I should have been more cognizant of the power of words.

On a happier note: "Perfect match" manifested itself nicely in tennis. I finished the winter league with an 8–0 record. (Thank you, Universe.)

How is your vision board shaping up? I hope your dreams are manifesting themselves without any strange semantic twists.

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Jean said...

well I have gorgeous on mine. and I am coming to terms with growing older...maybe I am growing up at 56!