Thursday, January 31, 2008

Eco-friendly shopping in Milwaukee

I stopped by Lela, BeadStyle’s clothes and accessories source for our What to Wear column. Carrie, one of the owners, has a great eye for picking outfits for the looks we’re featuring. For our May issue, she suggested bamboo sweaters and a locally designed blouse and skirt sewn from vintage fabric. I can't wait to see how the orange and yellow blouse looks!

I walked across the street to shoo, where I picked up the footwear for the layout. Pat (the owner) told me stories about the materials, construction, and vision behind the pieces — shoes made with vegetable dyes, tire-tread soles, and biodegradable glues. He also lent me some amazing bags like a bright yellow clutch made from leather upholstery remnants. (An aside: I really want a bright yellow bag for spring.) So check out Lela and shoo — and, of course, the May issue of BeadStyle, which hits newsstands in early April.

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