Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Breaking stuff

This weekend, I broke my digital camera. Dropped it, lens open, on the hardwood floor in my dining room. The lens is askew and won't focus or close. Last week, I gently placed a Shiny Brite ornament (hot pink with green and white stripes, my favorite) in a lunch box, closed the lid, and broke the ornament. You see where this is going.

I hope bad things don't happen in threes. Maybe I should just break something to get it over with? I've actually been thinking about broken jewelry lately. Wondering if it's better to just re-string something? It's frustrating to do the same work twice, but I worry that a piece is likely to break again, even after it's been repaired. Do you have any thoughts about repairing vs. restringing?


Jean said...

I restring. I hate repairing! I just made a bracelet four times because I wasn't satified with it, until the fourth time! That is why my specialty is WIRING! It's harder for me to mess that up!

Gd luck with the threees thing--I understand that thought process!

Naomi said...

That's funny, your comment about wire. I think it takes a lot of technical skill to be a good wire-worker, so kudos on your abilities! Even though stringing is forgiving — no one knows how many tries it took to put a piece together — at some point, it can feel like a lot of work. I'm often torn between "Oh, this will only take fifteen minutes to restring" vs. "My motor skills are getting too much of a workout and I need a break." I can see why you made four attempts at the bracelet!

Mary said...

Hey my camera is broken, lens askew, too. I didn't do it but the last picture that shows was taken by my 9 y.o. son and says he did NOT do it!